Livewire’s CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), Audra Lamoon FITOL, is a multi-sector experiential service and hospitality consultant with expertise in retail, commercial, residential, hotel, and mixed-use properties, including those in distress or undergoing transformation.

Through engaging and immersive learning, Audra enhances the knowledge and competency of all employees and parties critical to customer service and brand reputation, including third-party partners and vendors.

Having designed and delivered programmes for clients across the globe, Audra’s formula ensures consistent and exceptional customer experiences.

Audra is frequently invited to speak at conferences and events, and has been featured in several publications, including International Retail Magazine. She is also a published author, having co-written ‘Blondes in Business’.

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Working with talented partners

With regular invitations to speak at events and summits, we are constantly cultivating relationships with individuals and teams across the globe.

We frequently collaborate with several specialist partners to deliver a comprehensive range of additional services, including brand design, consumer engagement and marketing analysis, mental wellbeing and stress prevention, creative property and display solutions, and interim management for acquisitions and turnaround situations.

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Creating iconic experiences

Unique, memorable, and cohesive experiences – for consumers and employees alike – lead to increased engagement, loyalty, and revenues.

We design and deliver the transformative performance programmes necessary to truly engage and motivate your teams and ensure the best possible customer experience.

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Helping our clients grow

Livewire work with a broad range of clients across the globe, including commercial and residential property developers, property owners and operators, retail and hotel groups and associations, and sports and leisure facility operators.

In addition to our core service delivery programmes, we offer ‘train-the-trainer’ packages to help our clients continue the learning and development journey themselves, ensuring consistency of learning when our work is done.

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