We offer expertise and support in all aspects of communication, from internal communications strategy to how to communicate your services to external audiences. We draw on our experience of corporate branding, customer surveys, social media campaigns and information design to offer integrated and comprehensive support in all areas of visual communications.


corporate communications strategies: external and internal

presentations, trade shows, exhibitions

communications planning and training for tenders

learning and development

We work with organisations to develop programmes that work for them. We work across a spectrum of disciplines, from from leadership, diversity, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, entrepreneurial skills, women’s development programme, communications, customer service to presentation and bid interview skills, to name a few! Many of our clients seek support with implementing change and our approach is focused on designing programmes that promote sustained organisational change.


livewire personal/team development

learning modules

bespoke courses


We work with boards and senior management to help them achieve their objectives. Frequently this involves a forensic approach to business and financial targets. Our workshops with key influencers are both provocative and challenging, but they achieve results – a set of agreed actions that become the route map for key initiatives that will drive change.


business planning

project management

I would happily recommend Livewire Performance to anyone... except our competition!

David Dryden Managing Partner, Cundall

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