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We bring people, projects and property together to generate a return… that’s what we do!

We are a team of highly qualified experts who deliver corporate training, strategy and consultancy globally to our clients in many diverse sectors. All our bespoke training programmes are designed so that their effectiveness can be measured.

Many of our clients seek support with implementing change and so our approach is focused on designing programmes that not only promote the change but also sustain it.

We recently organized an all staff meeting which included some presentations on the 5 year strategy and Customer Relationship Management, as the audience was multi-cultural and multi-disciplined. I was very keen that this event included some substantial training in terms of behavioral and performance issues. Having worked with Livewire a number of times in the past, I was delighted that they were available, never have I seen such a large group of people totally engaged in the training and key messages about individual performance that Vicky from Livewire gave. The day was a complete success and Livewire played a major part in that success.

Philip M. Evans Chief Executive Officer, TriGranit Management Corporation

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