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Livewire personal/team development includes:
  • Customer service, hospitality and concierge programmes
  • Live pitch and presentation critique service
  • Executive mentoring and coaching
  • Leadership – entrepreneur programme – all ages
  • Presentation skills and public speaking
  • Team building workshops/awaydays

Our most recent projects include:

Hospitality and customer service programme
Gold Winner of American Maxi Awards 2012

Livewire were engaged to design a customer service and hospitality programme for a distressed open air mall in the States. The training was to fit in with the clients three phase project, which is stabilisation, merchandisation and the repopulation of the shopping mall. First class hospitality and customer service was designed to contribute towards the 187% increase in turnover by the year 2015. Creating an experiential shopping phenomenon was high on the agenda and Livewire are in their second year delivering the four phase training programme to not only NAP staff, but also to their contractors in: valet, house-keeping, public safety, car parking, shuttle bus-company and lift and elevator company.

Our workshops included individual presentation skills analysis, with support from video playbacks; development of the storyboard, integration of visual/verbal presentations and scripting the final presentation.

Return on investment

  • the shopping mall made substantial progress in 10 months, well under the 24 months deadline
  • retailers have recorded sales increases of 25% and more, 1 tenant turned their 1st $million
  • brand ambassadors have been created; the mall is now the 2nd most tweeted place in the States concerning retail
  • crime is at all-time low, the community are fully engaged with and frequent the open air mall, which is becoming known as “The Place to Be”

Livewire interventions include:

  • observation and analysis, community survey
  • mystery shopping
  • design and delivery of four phase training programme
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • hosting of staff gathering events for reward and recognition, awards, training news and NAP company updates

Just over a year ago, North American Properties started a collaboration with Audra Lamoon and her Livewire team in our mutual pursuit of transforming the guest service experience and work relationships at Atlantic Station. Audra and her team piloted a program with the property and leasing management teams and then rolled out the program to the hundreds of individuals that have contact with guests of Atlantic Station. This includes our partners at Lanier Parking Solutions, Walden Security, ICS Custodial Services, and our new Concierge team.

So far, through their innovative and relevant program we have rolled out a four phase hospitality and concierge program. Their program has been instrumental in improving our relationships within our own team, with our contractors, and most importantly our Atlantic Station guest.

We would be delighted to recommend Livewire’s services to potential clients and would welcome any additional questions you may have.

Mark C Toro Managing Partner, North American Properties - Atlanta, Ltd

For more information on the presentation skills workshop please contact us

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