We work with boards and senior management to help them achieve their objectives. Frequently this involves a forensic approach to business and financial targets. Our workshops with key influencers are both provocative and challenging, but they achieve results – a set of agreed actions that become the route map for key initiatives that will drive change.

I have had the privilege of working with Audra Lamoon for the past 6 years on two different properties and on two different continents. Audra and her team have always been up to the task whether it was mgt development with specific personal growth goals or changing the entire culture of a company.

Her forthright, direct nature enables her to focus on the issues in quick time and begin the process as her heals hit the ground. Not only have i assisted her in setting the targets and guidelines to accomplish the goals but I have also monitored her interactions with the staff. I found the program to be spot on and entertaining for the participants. She and her staff are very engaging. The true test was in the field where the new skills and mind sets are in practice and being reinforced by the participants themselves.

Livewire has been a game changer for me at my two last properties and, with luck, will be in the many future properties.

Tom Miles Managing Director, Miles Property Management

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