the expert panel

The expert panel is a carefully selected group of specialists who evaluate a proposition, business opportunity or company growth strategy.

The expert panel comprises independent specialists recognised in their specific fields. The make up of the panel depends upon the project and the recommendations made after the initial briefing meeting.


The expert panel helps start ups and overseas organisations, large and small, whose plans are in the early stages of development.

Your growth strategy may not warrant the mobilisation of expensive resources (additional premises, new sales force/marketing team), and the use of the expert panel gives you immediate access to experience, resource, routes to market and potential funding with little outlay or time investment.

The expert panel may be used to formulate an independent, authoritative business plan, which is particularly useful in a partnership context, especially if there are differences in the partners’ views.

Supporting business growth

For businesses looking to grow or launch into new markets, the expert panel is a cost effective evaluation tool that helps you make the right decisions, in the right order, at the right time.

The experts are selected to represent all points of view, in a balanced and impartial way. They examine all available business intelligence, before meeting face to face in a facilitated workshop to look at the various options for the business or project.

Get ‘UK ready’ with the expert panel

If you are an overseas organisation looking at UK markets, try our UK ready workshop and we’ll identify the expert services you need.

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