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Our experts offer legal support and specialist advisers in:
  • employment law
  • commercial/business support
  • buying and selling businesses
  • dispute resolution – business and private
  • property

Track record

Best practice

Our experts are among one of the top 60 law firms’ in the UK with particular strength in Spain and Latin America.

Case studies

X Limited (real name confidential) was concerned about their Vice President and Head of Sales leaving to join a competitor which could have been very damaging for their business. Nick had drafted the restrictions in his contract and as a result X Limited was able to prevent the individual concerned joining the competitor for 6 months which enabled them to limit the damage as far as possible.

Y Limited (real name confidential) was sued by a former Director for substantial sums following his departure from the company. Nick was instructed to defend the action and managed to promptly resolve the action before it became a substantial problem for the company.

Z Limited (real name confidential) was interested in buying another business for a substantial sum. In the due diligence there were concerns regarding some of the documentation provided following a further investigation was proven to be false. Whilst Z Limited still wanted to acquire the business, this enabled them to negotiate a considerable price reduction and avoided them getting their ‘fingers burnt’.

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