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mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is a wonderful management tool, which ensures the client fully understands how customers feel about their last experience with their business.

Our knowledge and experience of having conducted well over 100,000 mystery shops help us to deliver entertaining, hard-hitting and motivational customer service training workshops which have benefited more than 2,000 staff to date.

Track record

For the past 12 months Barraclough & Stiles Opticians have been running a programme throughout their outlets which has galvanised the teams to ensure they do all they can to make sure that every customer is always impressed with their experience. The staff now feel any customer could be a mystery shopper and this keeps all of the teams on their toes.

Booths supermarkets have been serving the north-west community with quality products and services for the past 150 years. After several years of having a customer comment week at each store it was decided that Booths needed more frequent feedback regarding how its customers perceive stores in a consistent and unbiased way. The ‘gap’ in the standards was 40% between the stores following the first round of mystery shops. After 12 months we had narrowed that to 22%. We are now consistently tracking at 8%.

Willows Farm Village is the largest independent farm attraction in the UK with more than 500,000 visitors each year. Our programme ensures team members are rewarded for delivering an exceptional customer experience either through our ‘on the spot recognition’ scheme. Customers have rated the experience as 10 out of 10 proving we are a business that truly cares for its customers and strives to ensure they all have a great experience.

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