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human resources

Our HR panel members have worked at a senior level in a range of organisations providing both strategic and operational direction and support. Their experience and expert knowledge will support the integration of people issues into the wider business strategy and governance agenda, delivering professional guidance and support in the following areas:

  • organisational development
  • change strategies and management
  • recruitment, selection and retention
  • pay and reward
  • workforce development
  • performance management
  • employee relations
  • operational HR management

Track record

Best practice

Our HR team are Chartered Members of the internationally recognised Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, with a level of expertise that combines their HR professional knowledge, skill and insights with an understanding of an organisation's context and structure to create and deliver integrated HR solutions.

Organisational development/change strategies and management: aligning expectations and developing the direction of travel, supporting the process of implementation at individual, team and organisational levels.

Recruitment, selection and retention/pay and reward: working with clients to ensure an efficient and effective use of valuable resources.

Employee relations: advice and support with employee relations.

Performance management and workforce development: to succession plan, identify and manage talent within the organisation and ensure that the required skills, knowledge and competencies are in place when needed.

Operational HR management: reviewing the volume and nature of the HR resource required, the potential for in-house or outsourced delivery, the role of line managers and utilising appropriate HR information systems.

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