John Reid

John designs and delivers courses for varied clients and negotiates contracts and tenders for public and corporate training. He has several National Training and IITT Awards for projects he has designed and delivered; most recently the partnership project with Credit Suisse and Tower Hamlets, won the London/South East Regional National Training Awards.

John is a creative consultant, designing and critiquing many presentations for a diverse range of clients with an aim to win work, influence people or build esteem. He specialises in Communications and Building Confidence, particularly with Presentations, Assertiveness and Voice. He delivers guided courses and workshops using film playback, vocal technique and body language to remove the fear factor.

John has delivered to a huge range of clients including Tower Hamlets Council, Bank of New York Mellon, The Walt Disney Group, RLB, Scott Wilson, Skillsmatch and Love & Tate plc. He has recently undertaken and designed Virtual Team Management training for globally with AMEX. With a background of production and directing in film and theatre, he is lively, adaptable and direct.

Case History:
Senior Consultant /Project Manager – Skillsmatch – Tower Hamlets

This initiative involves groups of up to 24 young adults sourced from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets who are seeking employment. Training programmes run from one week to four weeks. This is followed by placement within major London companies, between six and ten weeks. All training material is sourced and written including: IT, soft skills and office skills. All delegates are trained and mentored throughout this period. This led to John being awarded a National Training Award by the Institute of IT Trainers. The project involves companies including, Credit Suisse, Williams Lea, Mitie, Canary Wharf Group, NHS Trusts: UCLH, Imperial, Barts, IPCC, Barclays and Red Cross. A study run by UCL highlighted the importance of the programmes for economic development and social inclusion. The employment rates for delegates after training are recognised to be the highest in the borough from any education source.


John designed the training and marketing material and initiatives for Pitman Training. This has been run with delegates from BP, Bank of England, retail, banking, public and private sector clients.

  • National Training Regional Winner London and South East 2008 – Skillsmatch and Credit Suisse.
  • Institute IT Trainers Regional Award 2007 – Pitman London.
  • London & South East Recruitment Awards 2007 – Innovation in Technology/Skillsmatch.
  • National Training Award Winner 2006 – Skillsmatch and Love & Tate plc.
  • Institute IT Trainers Award 2006 – Pitman London.

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