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Tamela Coval

Business Development Guru, North America
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Tamela Coval

A creative consultant, Visionary and national MetWorker, Tamela’s 30+ year career has been dedicated to MulitFamily Business Asset Management, Sales, Marketing, Training, creating a Culture of Innovation, Motivation and Transformation within the US MultiFamily Real Estate Sector. In short, she is Future-Facing-Asset & Customer Value Management-RevTech-MarTech-BizDev-Social Business – Do the Right Thing Advisor

Tamela is a Speaker/Contributor at multifamily industry entities; NMHC & NMHC OpTech & Student Housing Conferences (National MultiFamily Housing Council), IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management), NAA Education Conference (National Apartment Association), MFE Leadership Conferences (MultiFamily Executive), AIM.conf (Apartment Internet Marketing Conference), Crittenden Real Estate Forums, CHPA (Corporate Housing Provider Association), Sales & Marketing Magic & Executive Brainstorming, State & Local Associations TAA, GAA, FAA, UAA, WMFHA, CAA, RHA+

Tamela kickstarted her career as a young recruit to Lease apartments rapidly advancing to oversee Operations, Sales, Marketing, Training, Investor Relations and New Market Development. Five times recruited to join national businesses (twice with the same company), she joined both publicly and privately-held companies specifically to change the trajectory of the Brands. Piloting, vetting and overseeing the rebranding, culture transformation, sales components, Tamela’s influence altered the course of legacy-business-focused strategies by placing emphasis on the needs of the Customer and the winning blueprint of ‘removing friction’ to create superior Customer Experiences.

As a career National Director and VP of Sales, Marketing & Training, Tamela has for 30 years groomed sales teams, building a Leadership Bench of 400+ professionals with a legacy of active Responsible-High Performance Influence in their companies and communities. Author of the Rock’n’Roll Training Show, Targeted-Training-On-The-Go and Let’s Act Like Somebody, Tamela is a serial investor in ideas, products and people.

With an attitude of ‘Ancora Imparo’ (I am still learning), she is a producer of ‘Let’s Do The Right Thing’.

Tamela’s significant career highlights:

  • Organizational Business Asset Manager & Growth Leader - Publicly Held Companies
  • Annual Revenue Growth & New Revenue Source Research & Development
  • Senior Team Leader in Culture & Bench-Rebuild, BuildUp, Market Value & Revenue Driver
  • Creative-Thinking Action-Oriented Executive Committee & BOD Member, National Point Person & Advisor; Multiple Local, State, Regional, National & International Entities
  • Cultural-Change Nurturer, Motivational, Servant-Leader
  • 2008 Investor in Bleeding-to-Leading Edge Social Media Revenue Technology
  • Industry Insight & Future-Forward Thought Leader and Entrepreneurial
  • Private Housing ’96 Volunteer Marketing Director - Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games
  • Atlanta Community Food Bank Board Member – Guinness Book of World Record Holder

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